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Being Less of a Twit

Y'know, after a couple months of no Twitter posts getting transferred to LJ, and then rethinking the Twitter/blog tie on the whole, I think I'm just going to turn off LoudTwitter and just make an effort to post directly to LJ once in a while.

It just seems like the short-form Twitter and long-form LiveJournal are a poor fit for each other. Facebook is a much better match. Plus I've already got a set of digests over at K-Squared Ramblings, where I'm tidying them up (titles, tags, etc.) as I have time.

It might be worth decluttering this journal and deleting any old "Line Items..." posts that don't have comments. Definitely the ones that are just "New blog post: (link)," and probably most of the rest, too.

Prepare to be Bombarded

Loudtwitter is back from ~2 months downtime and, according to the FAQ, is catching up on *all* the tweets from the mean time.

It's not clear whether it'll *post* them all, but just in case, I'll see if I can change settings to automatically put everything behind an LJ-cut. If I can't, or if it doesn't work, I'd like to apologize in advance to anyone who reads their friends' page between the time it posts and the time I manually fix it. Update: Loudtweeter swears it'll only actually *post* today's items, it just receives 200 messages at a time from Twitter. So you should be safe! (I did manage to wrap the template in an LJ-cut, assuming I didn't mess up the formatting. Not sure if I'll leave it or not. Something to deal with later.)

OK, back to reading specs.


Deep-Fried WHAT???

We went to the Orange County Fair on Saturday afternoon. Most years we end up going to at least one of the Pacific Amphitheater's summer concert series, which includes fair admission, so we just combine it into one trip. This year it was Melissa Etheridge, and we also had another goal: Al's Brain.

We started by grabbing some water and (in my case) a chocolate milkshake (because I wanted some ice cream, dangit! and drinkable made it easier), then wandered through the arts and crafts displays, where they showed prize-winning jewelry, crochet, display models, dresses, origami, etc.

Al's Brain

Then we made our way to the back of the fair, where they had set up a portable theater for Al's Brain (in 3-D!). There was a huge sand sculpture out front of "Weird Al" Yankovic holding out a brain in his hand. An animated question mark and exclamation point would occasionally pop out the top of his head, and smoke would pour from his ears.

"Weird Al" has actually had a long association with the Orange County Fair, often doing free concerts on multiple nights during the run. We've seen him there at least twice, possibly three times. One year there was a "Weird Al" museum of sorts. This year, he got involved in a short 3-D educational film (comedic, of course) about the brain.

More about Al"s Brain; Zucchini Weenies and Chocolate-Covered Bacon; Acrobats; Concert; The Fair at NightCollapse )

Cross-posted at K-Squared Ramblings and at Facebook.

Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

Two chihuahuas clinging to the sides of a bell and its support beam.

Honestly, I'm not typing this from a Taco Bell.

Catching Up

Spent the weekend mostly cleaning and following up on things from Comic-Con last week. Photos are all up at Flickr, and alenxa and I are posting write-ups at K-Squared Ramblings.

Some highlights so far:

Oh, and there's the matter of the costumes...

Off to Comic-Con

The annual trip commences...

Why I'm still Awake

In order:

  1. Wanted to finish reading a bunch of comics, particularly The Unwriten, The Unknown and Unthinkable.
  2. Wanted to write a quick review of those comics.
  3. Someone was wrong on the Internet.
  4. Wanted to finish that review. (got it)
  5. As I was about to brush my teeth and go the hell to bed I came up with an idea and had to jot down some notes so I wouldn't forget it later.
  6. Decided I had to post this. WTF?

(Yes, it's a real LJ post from me. Crazy, huh?)

There's a Zombie On Your Lawn

And the game is total crack. alenxa has been playing it all week, and it's that perfect combination of WTF and fascinating.

Breaking 2000

Crazy... I just made the 2,000th post on K-Squared Ramblings, which alenxa and I (okay, mostly I) have been maintaining since late 2002. In honor of this milestone, I've posted a look back at the year 2000.


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